Undefeated IPA

A beer designed to fill your soul with victory. This sessional, hoppy brew starts fast and finishes strong with a blast of citrus. It pours Golden in color with an orange-ish hue when held to the light. It has a thick fluffy white head with good retention that leaves some lacing on the glass. The aroma is tropical fruit and citrus with slight resinous hop character. The malt is low and does not provide balance allowing the hops to shine. The body is medium in texture with proper levels of CO2. Overall, it is a hoppy, crisp refreshing dry pale ale with a sturdy hop presence with little to no malt back bone.

Laces Out Hefeweizen

Held right, this America Hefe is a game changer. Its sweet but not too sweet flavors make it a great choice for the novice craft beer drinker but also satisfies the connoisseur with its complex finish.Laces Out pours pale straw in color with a thick, moose like head and long lasting retention. High protein content of the wheat impairs clarity and produces haze. Its Aroma has strong clove-like phenols with subtle banana-like esters to balance. Phenolic character comes through in the flavor with a just a touch of vanilla and bubblegum esters to round out the flavor. Finish is crisp and dry with a tart citrus palate and high carbonation.

Kickoff Mild Brown

This is a great beer to kick off a great night or the big game. Its low ABV offers excellent drinkability while it finishes with full roasty malt flavor. Kickoff pours dark brown with mahogany highlights and an off white thin head with low retention. The Aroma is grainy, nutty, and toasty. It offers hints of chocolate and light roast as it warms. Fruit esters are present but not over powering. It boasts mostly a nutty malt character with a distinct toffee not mid tongue flavor. The finish is mostly dry, but has a slightly sweet malty note that lingers throughout the pint. Alcohol is in the 3.1%-3.8% range but seems to have a rather full mouth feel for the ABV.

Legendary Amber
This superhumanly balanced brew blasts the tastebuds with a shot of hops then closes with a polished malty finish. Its intricate harmony between hop and malt was only achieved through years of intense training. Many have tried to mimic this recipe, however all have failed and been sentenced to mediocrity. This legend pours amber in color but appears ruby when held to the light. A full, off-white head laces the glass with great retention. Aroma begins with a citrus/pine hops note but balances midway with a rich caramel malt presence. The flavor starts with an exploding American hop essence but balances with a warm crystal, caramel malt focus. It’s well balanced for such a hoppy malt beer. The full finish has lingering hop and caramel sweetness well after the last sip.
Gose All the Way

For those adventure seekers, rule breakers, and wild cards out there, this brew is for you. It defies the standard beer reputation by melding a strong sour tang with a sharp salt flavor. This creates a light, thirst quenching brew that gose (pronounced go-za) the distance on drinkability. Its color is pale straw with a thin white head. This holds strong with prominent lacing from the large portions of wheat. It produces a pungent aroma at first with an earthly yet subtle citrus note to balance. The sour flavor at the start combines with the salt that hits the side of the tongue, blends into a clean citrus flavor leaving your pallet refreshed.


Looking for tall, dark and roasty? Look no further as this brew boasts decadent coffee and chocolate flavors with a clean hop finish. This robust brew puts you in command to lead your night to the next level. It is dark brown in color with a scarlet hue. It yields a fluffy tan head with good retention but minimal lacing. Rich chocolate and toffee like aromas are followed with an earthy hop note. Roasted coffee and chocolate notes are dominate and finish dry with a clean but assertive bitterness. Medium to full body but not filling, putting you in the driver’s seat of the offense.


A free underground parking garage is located just North of the brewery. Keep turning right in the garage until it dead ends into the green section. Take the far elevator or stairs labeled ‘C Lobby, 81 Mill St’ to the 1st floor. Turn right out of the lobby toward Mill St and Pigskin will be on the right.

From Downtown/Westside

I-70 to I-670E. Pass the airport exit and take exit US-62E. At the 3rd traffic light turn left on Mill Street. Look for our sign on the left

From 270-N

Take exit 35 toward US-62E. At the 3rd triffic light turn left on Mill Street. Look for our sign on the left.